Catalog zk-k8s/kafka-k8s cannot be launched with kubernetes environment

I just want to launch zk-k8s/kafka-k8s from the GUI under menu catalog with rancher server v1.2.2

It seems that kafka/zk services are launched failed by default.

Please see the code in the launch script,


log "[ Checking container connectivity... ]"
b="`fping -c 1 kubernetes. &> /dev/null; echo $?`"
while [ $b -eq 1 ];
   b="`fping -c 1 kubernetes. &> /dev/null; echo $?`"
   sleep 1

To check the container connectivity with command “fping -c 1 kubernetes.”

I just run this command with the running container rawmind/alpine-zk:3.4.9

bash-4.3$ fping -c 1 kubernetes.
kubernetes.: Try again
bash-4.3$ echo $?

Then the starting progress of will be broken (Seems that the staring progress will be killed by monitor).

I changed the command to fping -c 1 etcd.kubernetes. It works well with the pods IP and the service can be started successfully.

How can I to resolve this?
Thanks for your help.