VSphere k8s clusters and Static IP assignment on nodes

I am wanting to statically assign the IP address on eth0 that the node will connect on for VSphere.

How might I go about doing that in Rancher 2.x.

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You pretty much need to create VMs yourself and use Custom to add them to a cluster to do IP management manually.

Even if there was a way to put the IP into the node template, every node would need a separate template and the cluster would need a separate pool of size 1 for every template.

The thing is, I have only the one node that I want this static ip on, but I would still like for it to be managed by the node pool (I also have some other nodes in the cluster that are already managed by the cluster. It seems like this is an all or nothing approach, as I can’t mix node pools with custom nodes). I’m so far lost on a way to make that happen.