How to use Helm in Rancher 2.0 - Catalog

Hi ,
Please let me know is there any documentation on how to import and deploy helm charts usingUser interface instead of CLI. Basically to deploy as application from application catalog.
I want deploy my charts as apps.



did you find a solution? Also i would be interested in how you managed to use helm from the ci with a rancher 2 cluster.


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Helm catalog is available in the latest 2.0 preview. You should be able to locate them through project->catalog apps.

I don’t see anything in there. It just says “There are no compatible templates.” Is this missing in the latest beta?

On beta2, they’re disabled by default. I successfully enabled them under Global > Catalogs

They are disabled by default in the current beta because the syncing can cause etcd to chew up a ton of memory. We are working on that so it can be back on by default in a future build.