Rancher v2.3.5 - Custom catalog with helm charts

Hi there,

I have followed the guidance “Creating Custom Catalogs Apps” in the documentation.
Just to clarify:
Will the UI to launch an app recognize the questions.yml, app-readme.md and so on if they are part of the package which is created using ‘helm package …’?

Currently I am trying to get these running and have setup a demo github repo: https://github.com/t0ms3n/charts. The master branch is used to just serve the folder structure, while the gh-pages branch is serving a index.yaml next to the *.tgz files. Both have been added as catalogs and showing the apps in the catalog overview.

The charts from the catalog added as https://github.com/t0ms3n/charts.git working perfectly and the apps can be installed.
But I can not get the “chart-packages” to work as expected. Most of the time it does not open up an app correctly ( waitspinner with some javascript errors in the console ). If it spinnes up the page and I finally install the app, this installation fails with
2020/02/16 12:55:41 [ERROR] AppController p-76x2s/datadog [helm-controller] failed with : wait helm template failed. Error: stat /datadog: no such file or directory

The catalog-cache directory looks as follow:

What am I missing? Finally I would love to use Harbor as image repository and store the helm charts there as well.

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don’t push from windows, because it don’t create folder cause of \ instead of /