CLI for Rancher API

Just a start of some scripts I am putting together as part of setting up my continuous-delivery workflow with Rancher.

Let me know if it’s useful to anyone!

Don’t want to be discouraging, but there’s already this:

And more under way, planned for the 1.1 release…

I’ll have to look at it more closely I guess. I saw it, read the README and felt all confused as to what this did… didn’t quite get what the widgets were all about…

Granted, it’s a bit hard to get used to. But as it is driven by the API schema, you can do most anything with it, although it’s not very end user friendly on the command line…

That client is entirely API-agnostic and knows nothing about Rancher specifically… It’s driven by the schema of the API it’s pointed at, so widget would be things like container and host in the Cattle API. As @kaos said not particularly friendly, but it does allow you to do everything. We wanted to have a nicer human-usable CLI for 1.0 but it didn’t make the cutoff.

Thanks @etlweather I also hacked together a Continuous Delivery workflow using a wrapper bash script around the Rancher REST API. Your python version looks a lot better than what I hacked together. Will give it a try.

I was hoping the new rancher-cli cater for upgrading a image without the need for either docker-compose nor rancher-compose. But so far that doesn’t seem to be the case.