Cluster Explorer - API

I want to automate deployment of Monitoring v2 on rancher clusters. Is there an API that will allow me to deploy cluster-explorer applications?
Apps deployed via cluster-explorer aren’t visible in “v3” API in any project.

They are just Helm charts and you can/should just use Helm to deploy them. That could be done by running it directly against the cluster, or using Fleet (“Continuous Delivery”).

There is an API, the UI is static HTML/JS and has to talk to someone… But the one the Explorer uses is mostly a thin wrapper around the native k8s one, and not particularly intended to be documented/used outside the UI. If you really want to, all the requests are visible in the browser’s dev tools.

Apps in the older UI/API are our own type. Helm 2 had no reasonable multi-tenancy so we had to make an intermediary CRD to control if the user should be able to use Tiller to do what they asked for.

Helm 3 fixes this, so that is no longer needed and apps in Explorer directly use Helm and its backing state (secrets) so it will match what you’ll see in the Helm cli list.