Clusters Dropdown size (number of clusters)

Before submitting a feature request:
Currently the clusters dropdown in GUI looks nice having one to a few clusters.
In my current setup I have 30-40 clusters, then the dropdown (and btw clusters view) needs paging and perhaps filtering, maybe collapsible projects…

Does this seem reasonable?


I don’t know if there’s an issue for it but the dropdown is on the mental list for eventually. The cluster (and every other) table is already paginated (but defaults to 50).

and thanks for answering.
I hope you’ll add this “feature” since it really makes sense.

BTW, since paging is set to 50, I read between the line that Rancher 2.x scaling should not be an issue :slight_smile:


Pagination is more a factor of limiting how much is in the DOM for the browser to render than saying anything about the scalability of the backend (or lack thereof), TBH.

The entire collection of all the major resources are loaded into memory on page load to facilitate all the live-updating behavior, but rendering hundreds of entries with dozens of DOM nodes in each gets slow eventually. So the default is a conservative-ish number; you can set it higher (or lower) in user preferences.