Does anyone have examples manifests/HOWTO for leveraging Rancher DNS from Kubernetes Services+LoadBalancers?

tl;dr: Does anyone have an example of how to use Rancher DNS service with a Kubernetes Service?

I’m working on a couple of Rancher k8s Jenkins Catalogs, one for master & one for slave, which support dynamic registration of the J slaves via the Jenkins Swarm Plugin:

The swarm-client allows passing of a parameter "-master " to short-circuit the usual UDP broadcast-based discovery but I’m unsure how to configure my k8s Service definitions to allow the J slaves to find the J master via cluster/internal DNS. There’s some indication from various docs that, in Cattle anyway, I should be able to resolve .cluster.local or .svc.cluster.local but I’m not getting any resolution in testing nor do I see anywhere in the Rancher UI where I might look at existing Rancher DNS entries.


Answering my own question for anyone who might come along after…

k8s is integrated with Rancher DNS but you have to know the format for the FQDN. In my example where I’ve been testing in the ‘default’ Rancher Environment it looks like this:

<Service name>.default.svc.cluster.local.


<Service name>.<Rancher Environment>.svc.cluster.local.