Connect client - Problem retrieving repository index file

I have installed SUMA 3.0 and gone through the set up and am trying to connect my first client. When I run the bootstrap script on that client, it fails when checking the reg stack as follows:


Repository ‘susemanager-client-setup’ is up to date.
Specified repositories have been refreshed.
Refreshing service ‘SUSE_Linux_Enterprise_Server_12_SP2_x86_64’.
Problem retrieving the repository index file for service ‘SUSE_Linux_Enterprise_Server_12_SP2_x86_64’:
Login failed. ( The requested URL returned error: 401
Check if the URI is valid and accessible.
package spacewalk-check is not installed
ERROR: Failed to install all missing packages.[/CODE]

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

An HTTP 401 means you are not authorized to access the resource, so I
would probably check with SUSE to see if the credentials you are using are
valid for what you are trying to do. It’s pretty easy/common for one user
or anotehr onan account to have different rights than another, or to just
be missing an entitlement for this or that.

Good luck.

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