Registering suse client in Suse manger is failing

Hi All,

I am new to Suse Manger.
As per the suse docs I have successfully installed Suse Manager 4.3.
Product is also installed.
Created new client Suse 15 SP4 system to register it with suse Manager.
But its not connecting at all with WebUI and Boot strap.
ping from Client system to Suse Manger is working, Vice versa ping is happening.
Mentioned file at location is also present.
Can you please tell me what is wrong I am doing or I am missing any steps.
Even with Redhat client registration is not working because patches are not available in repo but that is like I will need to learn it…

Please help me.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Sumit,

you write, the files exist, so do you have create the boostrap repo with the mgr-create-bootstrap-repo command ?

Can you check, if all these ports open at you firewall (client to SUMA, SUMA to client)? cause of your error message (443)
Simply copy the URL in your browser and try to download the txt file.

22 -ssh
80 -http
443 -https
4505 - salt
4506 - salt

Further you can take a look into the apache logs, when you try, may you see an error.


did you see the download try there?

regards TIno

Thanks tinorienaecker
I am checking on this connectivity from Suma Server to client and Client to Suma server.
Also checking the manual repo creation.
Will you let you know with updates.


Did restart of Suse Manager and reboot of Client server.
It showing client in dash board now. but one glitch found.Might be my miss configuration.
I have 5 test servers. In dashboard it shows only 2 servers. (1 Suse client and 1 Redhatclient)
1 is suse client server and other 4 are redhat servers.
When ever I bootstrap for 2nd redhat server, its replacing the existing redhat server in suse manager dashboard server list.
When I click on server overview in Suse manager dashboard I found profile of new server, but minion name shows old one.

I am checking on that. Its not showing 3rd server, just replacing the existing 1st redhat server that’s it and keeping the count as 2 not increasing to 3rd.