Connecting to VM's from Rancher

I was currently looking into the Virtual machine options inside rancher (0.59).
Everything is running fine so props to the rancher team.
The only problem is seem to have is connecting to it, at the moment i can only get access to it via the ‘Open console’ but that has a very limiting form factor.

So my question is there a option to access it full page from the browser? Or even better using a VNC client.

You probably want to forward a Host port to VM port 22 (SSH, for Linux) or 3389 (RDP, for Windows). The console is intended for quick occasional access or recovery when a VM won’t boot, not a remote desktop you’d use regularly. (but

The VNC server by the console is run outside of the VM on the host and is not accessible from a regular VNC client.

Thanks, that was exactly what i want yes, don’t know why i didn’t think of that this morning :smiley: