Windows Terminal Access rancher host in network

Hi I am looking How to access Rancher Host server via window terminal like MtPUTTY. our rancher host configured with multi factor authentication.
what are the commands to connect to host server to go through the files

Hello Murali!

Are you referring to the ssh command? This will allow you to access to command line on the computer or set of computers that is hosting rancher. ssh works in both windows environments (powershell, command-prompt) and linux ones (OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, Debian,…). Just open up a new session in your windows terminal and type:

$ ssh username@ip_address_or_dns

keep in mind that rancher itself is not on usually installed on a single server. Rancher is on a collection of Pods in a Kubernetes Cluster. Hopefully this helps out!

yes it helped me your inputs. Ours is cattle orchestration. Does it have pods

Yup, Cattle uses docker containers by default. I would highly recommend changing from Cattle to Kubernetes since Cattle is no longer supported by rancher.