Control the update of /etc/resolv.conf

In SLED, Suse DEsktop 15.2 we use SNX as a VPN clinet for Checkpoint.
We have a problem on ir, SNX when do the connection, updates de /etc/resolv.conf with company DNS but after some seconds, the /etc/resolv.conf flashes ans put the things before SNX connection.

A workaround it was take off the symbolic link from /etc/resolv.conf but how to really use it with workarouds?

@“” Hi, I’m assuming your using NetworkManager? If so I would create a profile (wireless/ethernet) say called VPN_SNX and configure this for all users (then requires root user to change) and add in your DNS settings here.

SNX is not a device =/ Just become one after connection ok, when off, just vanish.
The DNS are dynamically given by SNX cli.

@“” Hi, so I would suggest adding or checking the start script to see if it’s running netconfig update -f See the notes in the file /etc/resolv.conf