Docker volumes backup

on rancher website i see :

“Storage management. Rancher supports live snapshot and backup of Docker volumes, enabling users to backup stateful containers and stateful services”

but i cannot found it in documentation.

Is this feature already available?

The storage subsystem is still a work in progress. As we launch Convoy today, we referred to our snapshot and backup features.

Though we’re still working on integrating Convoy with Rancher at this moment.

is there an expected (also testing) release date?

More a question about understanding Convoy: If I want a backup solution: isn’t backing up /restoring the /var/lib/docker not enough with my own choice of backup tool ? Or should I see Convoy as a tool with some added value to just backup ?
Additionally, some concerns about my suggestion above: with just backing up the dir - is this even save when containers (whether normal or volume) are running ?
thx in advance for your clarification !


How you can backup entire /var/lib/docker folder in case of devicemapper storage?

for me was impossible!


We’re working on it right now, but sorry we don’t have release date yet…

Hi Erik,

Docker volume is the part you pass e.g. -v /opt in when you execute docker run. That’s the part we focused on, because normally Docker base image is disposable, all the valuable container specific data would be attached using volume. In native Docker case, -v /opt would result in docker create a temporarily directory associate with that container, then mount it inside container /opt path.

The only choice you have in this case is to backup the whole directory. However every time you need to backup the whole directory, it can be very big. Using Convoy with Convoy device mapper driver, we would do the incremental backup for you. Which means, the previous unmodified contents won’t be duplicate in your backup, that would be much much faster than backup the entire thing. Just image you got to tar 100G of data every time. Or in the case of rsync, you lost the history of previous backup. Convoy would do the backup faster, and preserve the history along the way. Convoy would send your backup directly to S3 or VFS/NFS, and it can restore from there as well. And it’s per-container(in fact per volume) basis, which makes it much more flexible.


We implemented convoy-nfs successfully using the Rancher Convoy-nfs catalog item.

convoy-nfs container were started and are green on each host.

New volumes were created using the convoy-nfs volume driver and are shared through containers running on different hosts.

What would be the aproach from Rancher to implement backups and snapshots for convoy-nfs as in this case we are not using device-mapper as the storage backend implementation ?

many thanks

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Anyone have any insight into this?

Choosing the right storage solution and snapshot /backup methodology is an important part of the environment we are setting up at the moment.

We also understood from the Meetup the other day that convoy is going to be deprecated in favor of more “standard” volume driver solutions. What are others using or planning to use instead?



Hi, is there news for this feature?

I want to implement rancher in our organization but I don’t know if we can do backup of the containers in production. if yes, what option I have to backup?