Cool tools for your IDEs

[{“insert”:"I saw a guy build a plugin for VS Code that let’s you edit diagrams directly in the IDE. (link at end)
I think this is a really interested plugin and was wondering what plugins other people are using that are more than just language tools.

“},{“insert”:{“embed-external”:{“data”:{“body”:“You can directly edit and save .drawio.png files.
These files are perfectly valid png-images that contain an embedded diagram.
Whenever you edit such a file, the png part of that file is kept up to date.
This allows you to include diagrams in readme files on github!”,“url”:“https:\/\/\/items?itemName=hediet.vscode-drawio”,“embedType”:“link”,“name”:”\r Integration - Visual Studio Marketplace\r


I didn’t try this extension but is a must.
You can share a link to the PNG file or the XML file so your co-workers can edit it.