Correlation of Rancher and RancherOS

I really want to get into RancherOS. I just don’t know what it is for but more importantly how it fits in with Rancher.
Its not supported with Rancher server ( and I don’t know if its intended for use with Rancher hosts.

Rancher is my core thing, but I’d like to know if RancherOS is intended or should be used with it. This post could be raised in the RancherOS forum all the same. Please guide me and perhaps we can look at improving the understanding for new users.

RancherOS is an OS where you can run Docker containers. Rancher is a Docker containers “manager”.

You can use Ubuntu and install Docker, or RancherOS to run Docker containers and Rancher will manage them.

Ok, RancherOS as the OS for Rancher Hosts sounds awesome. Its just not mentioned in or - no support scope either. @denise could we get a doc update there?

@flaccid Yes, RancherOS is supported in conjunction with Rancher, but our README hadn’t been updated for awhile. I’ve just updated to reflect the fact that RancherOS could be used.

You can use RancherOS for everything (Rancher server and hosts) or as @ebuildy describes, it can be used to just deploy hosts. Please note that RancherOS is still in alpha stage.

We mention that any Linux machine can be added to Rancher as a host and RancherOS is a Linux machine, but we could probably do a better job of marketing our own product. :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks. I’ll start getting into it and look forward to possibility of using it in production once GA in future. :smiley: