Confused about RancherOS

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I am a little bit confused about RancherOS objective, I can guess it is really useful as a tinny OS you can use to run containers. The first time I hear bout it I thought in something like (semi)automatic way of registering your devices with your Rancher Server. Why RancherOS does not directly include a Rancher Agent? What I am trying to do is to have an .img file that you burn in your device and this automatically appears in your Rancher server (passing some configuration with cloud-config is ok). I am going in the wrong direction with RancherOS?

Many thanks

RancherOS is a minimal OS to get Docker on a host. This is convenient if you’re using Rancher because you probably don’t need to do much on the underlying hosts. But Rancher does not require RancherOS, and vice-versa.

The Rancher agent needs installation-specific keys, so it can’t just automatically work. Rather than having some special syntax and integration for it, you can start the Rancher agent with cloud-config just like any other container in RancherOS:

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