Could not import existing cluster running in local VM

according to the registration docs,
i ran:
kubectl apply -f https://akash.local/v3/import/hkbv6jgbq7xvp6qq2nqg2b2lgs8nsztwd7rnwmlwcw9x62x5nmnw7z_c-m-n4t5cww6.yaml

I got “certificate signed by unknown authority” error, so I ran the next provided command
curl --insecure -sfL https://akash.local/v3/import/hkbv6jgbq7xvp6qq2nqg2b2lgs8nsztwd7rnwmlwcw9x62x5nmnw7z_c-m-n4t5cww6.yaml | kubectl apply -f -

I am getting error :
error validating “STDIN”: error validating data: invalid object to validate: validation off with --validate=false

As suggested by the err msg, i ran with --validate=false flag to get another error:
unable to decode STDIN: json cannot unmarshal string into go value of type unstructured.detector

P.S. just running curl without kubectl apply -f - is giving 404 page not found