Creating a USB Boot Stick

I want to install RancherOS on my PCEngine Board and created therefor a a USB Bootstick with Rufus but regardless what options i choose the RancherOS.iso dosn’t boot.

Any tips on this?

Ok got my own solution.

Installed RancherOS in Virtualbox. Coneverted Disk with vboxmanage to raw and used tinylinux to boot on my pcengine board and installed the raw image with dd on my SSD.

It works :slight_smile:

That’s both hilarious and ridiculous. I ended up using Rufus to make the usb disk bootable, though I’d have preferred something a little more scriptable (cli support is on the cards at least).

Sorry for the zombie-post, but there really isn’t a lot of up-to-date information on how to get RancherOS to a point where it’s running, and more importantly, useful.

to make a bootable usb key, I use dd if=rancheros.iso of=/dev/sdb

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If I correctly understand you, you could use

hey guys…i used etcher to create a bootable usb and it works. i just selected the iso and did flash. link :

Some people will succeed. Some will fail, of course,
To create a bootable USB ,i have tried a lot of methods ,

How do you set up your BIOS Settings? perhaps , you need to burn iSO to USB again
From :

UNetbootin can make creating bootable USB easier:

or use other similar freewares:

I am following this guide and it works great burning .iso image to CD or USB.