Is there a list of good known catalogs to add into rancher


I was looking to see if there was a list of good known catalogs for use with rancher? How do i add official repositories that i find on docker hub, including dockers. I have added another catalog entry of Docker with a a URL of When i go to Applications - Catalog and select Docker nothing shows up.What am I not doing right?

The repository for a catalog has an special structure. You are trying to add a repository with docker images. That is not a rancher catalog.

The rancher catalog is a repository with catalog entries. They have a docker-compose.yml and a rancher-compose.yml file to define an stack of services that will run on your environment, is not only a single image from docker hub.

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I have worked with docker in the past and was able to get images deployed using my docker hub account. Where would i usually find what your speaking of so i can deploy things such as wordpress, mysql postgres, other OS’s such as OEL, CENTOS, SLACK , etc?

There are no known catalogs as you’d need to structure the catalog in a specific format in order for Rancher to interpret and translate it to be available.

Here’s the docs on how to create your own catalog.

You’re confusing two different things… The Docker library is a registry of images, Rancher catalog is a set of compose templates. The templates create containers using images in a registry to do something.

Think of images as Lego blocks. The registry is the bin full of all the blocks that are available. And the Rancher catalog is a set of instruction books that tell you how to combine (usually) several of those blocks into something bigger and more useful.

We have one “official” catalog at . Other people making their own are typically doing it privately for their own company/software, because anything that is public we would generally accept as a PR into the official one.