Datadog access to kubelet without RKE

Hi all, I want to implement datadog in my development cluster. But the cluster was not installed with rke. The cluster was installed as a single node, with
How can I implement the kubelet read-only port as seen here ?


The single-node Rancher cluster doesn’t support this workflow as it’s not an RKE cluster. It’s running etcd, but it’s not running K8s. @vincent, can you confirm I’m correct on this.

The Kubernetes cluster you managed with the Single-Node Rancher install can be done with that method if they’re RKE backed imports, IaaS based clusters or Custom Clusters. You can do this during provisioning or editing by clicking the “Edit As YAML” button.

Thanks @JasonvanBrackel, I’ve added the port 10255 while editing the yaml file. I can confirm that the port is now open on the master node.

Now I have to make datadog work with this.