One machine/node installation Rancher 2.0


We’ve been using Rancher 1.x to deploy our containers on a single bare-metal node (including Rancher server). Now that Rancher 2.x is based on Kubernetes, is this still possible ? I understand that running Kubernetes on a single node is usually not done, and I also don’t see this option in the 2.0 preview release.

Is this no longer supported ?

Maarten Ligtenberg

I deployed a one node K8s cluster with RKE, running on-top of RancherOS.

Thanks for your answer.
In the current 2.0 tech preview when I choose to add an RKE cluster, I only get options to add nodes in the cloud or virtual (Amazon EC2. Azure, DigitalOCean, packet, vSphere). So not on bare-metal.
Or did you first install RKE separately (if that’s possible) and than add it to Rancher server as an existing K8S cluster ?

@mligtenberg - Adding custom nodes will be available. It just wasn’t included in the first 2.0 tech preview.

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Ok thanks :+1:


Are you having any luck on your K8s Baremetal with PV and PVC. IF so what are you using. I can’t get Local or NFS to work.

Yes I was running RKE on the command line installed from source to stand up the one node K8s cluster. After that I installed Rancher on the same node as a RancherOS service and imported the k8s cluster.

Haven’t tried NFS yet, but I’ll do that in two weeks or so. Local is working fine for me (there isn’t much that can be a problem). I tried iSCSI with TP1 but it didn’t work, I don’t remember if it was RancherOS or Rancher’s setup of K8s that was the problem, but there was an open issue for it. I’m planning revisit this in two weeks and see if I can create a fix if it’s not already solved.