Dedicated nodes per project

Hi !

In Rancher1 we use many environnements for dedicated teams.
The virtual machines were thus fully dedicated for the team and it was nice.

Trying to figure out how we can migrate on rancher2, I was wondering if there is a mean to taint nodes for namespaces in the same project (to mimic rancher1 environnement). Of course we could create many k8s clusters for each team but it will entail a lot of dedicated nodes for control plane and etcd (at least 6 nodes per cluster right ?)

Many thx for your advice !



Maybe it should be a new feature that will add nodeselectors to all namespaces within a project? What do you think?

I am also interested in a feature to assign nodes to a project, so that Pods in a project can only run on the dedicated nodes for that project.

I’ve filled an issue in git