K8s multi-tenancy: Survey on your use of Openshift/ Rancher projects


I am part of the community Kubernetes multi-tenancy working group and we are putting together some design patterns as well as enhancements in order to bring multi-tenancy to upstream kubernetes.

If you use the concept of projects in Openshift or Rancher and can share some info on how you use multiple projects in your deployment, that data could be handy for us as we develop the multi-tenancy architecture for upstream kubernetes. Examples of useful information that you could provide include: what level of isolation do you require between tenants/ projects in kubernetes, would you require the ability to “join” two projects (such as when using pod-network based joins in Openshift) or are you okay with keeping projects always isolated from each other, what type of pod security policies/ SCCs do you find most useful in practice and so on …

Please respond to me directly (srampal@cisco.com) (since this is not directly a Rancher support topic) if you are willing to share your experiences with these sorts of features and with projects in general since that can assist the community kubernetes work on multi-tenancy support.