Deploy (and debug) a helm chart


I am working on (somebody else’s) helm chart that I can deploy via rancher app install ./my-chart.
Of course, things don’t work right away, Chart is already passing helm lint, but still fails on deployment.

Problem is that I don’t get (find) a decent error message. What I see is

"message": "failed to install app portus. Error: release portus failed: 
Deployment in version \"v1beta1\" cannot be handled as a Deployment: 
v1beta1.Deployment.Spec: v1beta1.DeploymentSpec.Template: v1.PodTemplateSpec.Spec: 
v1.PodSpec.Containers: []v1.Container: 
v1.Container.Env: []v1.EnvVar: decode slice: expect [ or n, but found {, error found in #10 byte 
of ...|\"],\"env\":{},\"image\":|..., bigger context ...|cure-tls\",\"-config\",\"/config/config.yaml\"],\"env\":{},

So I know it is expect [ or n, but found { but due to the omissions above I have no idea where.

=> Where to find the unabbreviated error message ??

Thanks in advance,