Problem running Helm charts on Rancher Worker


Wondering if anyone else is running into a specific error output when trying to install Helm charts through Rancher.

To try this out, I provisioned a 2 x VPS setup: 1 small node solely for hosting the server and its UI and another (with lots of resources) provisioned as an RKE2 for running workloads (hosting: Hetzner).

I’m trying to install a specific package (Apache Superset) that should fit comfortably on the hardware (I think the target VPS has 32GB of RAM).

Both the Superset install and another test one I did end with a very similar output: “0 out of 1 expected pods are ready” (when trying to provision one of them). So … I’m wondering if it might be a config issue with Rancher.

Anyone got the same output and perhaps figured out a solution?