Deploy Wordpress Rancher 2.0

Hey Everyone,

I am trying to deploy wordpress from the apps catalog. I have a 3 node rancher cluster deployed on Vmware for this setup. Every time I try to deploy the app I am given an xip. io host name, and that is what wordpress gets configured with. How should this route externally? I have nginx setup at the right domain, pointing to the xip .io address. Generally this works ok until a link is pressed which then forces back to the xip. io address. (wordpress is passed this address in the install it appears)

I also tried to use the specify hostname to use, however when trying to force https://sitename it failed the deployment. I am sure I am misunderstanding how loadbalancing works in kubernetes but so far I have no idea what I should do to correct this as it stands currently.

Previously I would just run individual docker containers for mysql, and wordpress. Following that deployment I would run though the configuration wizard for wordpress and site name, configured nginx and be done. With rancher I am trying to make the app HA however really struggling. Thanks for any and all help!