Multiple Wordpress Apps

Top of the morning everyone!

So, here’s my intent:

I have 4 websites, lets say 2 Magento sites, and 2 WordPress sites. Lets call them:

I have some template containers that I am going to bake the source code into, then launch.

I do plan to use the load balancers to do SSL termination since everything behind that is secured via IPSEC or whatever Rancher is doing in the new version.

I’m running this in AWS, one node is control, the other two are workers. The cluster in question is called ‘shared’ since these are all ‘shared sites’.

That being said - I’m trying to get my head around how Kubernetes in the context of Rancher 2.0 will handle all this - and what the best practice might be.

Am I looking at this wrong? Should each site have their own cluster? I’d rather keep everything in one cluster so I’m not provisioning machines all over the place. I’m trying to keep cost down for when I take this idea to production.

One cluster, one project (unless different people manage different sites) and one namespace per site. Add ingress rules to direct requests based on the incoming host header.

Thanks Vincent!

So, I added an ingress but it seems to go nowhere. What’s the workflow for properly configuring an ingress setup in 2.0 - do I still have to do it through kubectl or is this all in the main interface?


Kubernetes wants the names of everything to be DNS labels (a-z, 0-9, and hyphen, plus some other restrictions) and doesn’t like uppercase letters wither. Most places we automatically lowercase them but this is not one of them…