HA on AWS for WordPress - How-To Help

Hey there, I’m new to rancher and I want to use it for my first project.

I would like to use it to create an HA scalable WordPress install, first it would be small but it would be awesome to have the db server, application server, load balancer, etc.

But how do I add the domain for the site? I’ve found that I can add a subdomain for the rancher server, which is used to control all the infrastructure, right? And with that I can automatically deploy the other servers, right?

How is the server security handled?

I would like to use letsencrypt to start.

Found this http://rancher.com/setting-up-a-scalable-and-highly-available-wordpress-environment-with-rancher-and-docker/ but can’t find the updated version and couldn’t understand how to point the domain to WordPress.

Thanks in advance for any information.