Design / Architecture question

Hello, I am currently developing a software that requires strong security by regulation and I am little confused about the Rancher/Kubernetes design/architecture.

Assume I have two VLANs.
VLAN1 - Management LAN (No public access. No internet)
ServerA - Running Etcd, ControlPlane, Worker
ServerB - Running Etcd, ControlPlane, Worker
ServerC - Running Etcd, ControlPlane, Worker

VLAN2 - Public LAN (Public access. Internet)
ServerF - Running Etcd, ControlPlane
ServerG - Running Etcd, ControlPlane
ServerH - Running Etcd, ControlPlane
ServerI - Running Worker
ServerJ - Running Worker
ServerK - Running Worker

ServerA~C will be a ‘local’ cluster running only Rancher in HA mode.
ServerF~K will be a new cluster that will be created from Rancher and all custom/apps will be run here.

In this case, where should I place the Load Balancer? Should it be in VLAN1? or VLAN2?

My configuration is…
VMWare vSphere with Rancher 2.0

Thank you very much for all the help.