Rancher on VMware & Pfsense


Trying Rancher to see what all the fuss is about and so far very impressed.

I am setting up Racher on ESXi and have 4 virtual machines. 1 x Rancher 2 x Hosts.

All are behind pfsense on LAN.

I have tried to setup all on private IPs and adding hosts is successful . The issue is when a load balancer is added…

Can a public IP be assigned manually to the load balancer so that any container added to the LB can be accessed ?

I guess 3 questions need to be asked:-

  1. Knowing the above what would be the best setup ?
  2. Currently I have selected the custom driver however would it be benefical to use the vSphere driver ? The only reason I did not is my vCenter is on a different subnet to the VMs so setting that up would fail.

Any help & advice would be appreciated.