Dev Build: Rancher Release v1.1.0-dev2

Release v1.1.0-dev2



  • There are some changes to the API around machine-drivers in this release. Two fields are being renamed:
    • uri => url
    • md5checksum => checksum.

New Features (since v1.1.0-dev1)

  • Improved Mesos Support [Many] - Improved Mesos support for Rancher by adding the following:
    • Improved the catalog templates from frameworks to longer require users to select mesos components when deploying
    • Added support for Mesos in HA mode.
    • Added addition UI elements to make the UX more understandable.
    • Important: Mesos will require 3 hosts in order for HA mode to work correctly.
  • Improved Kubernetes Support [Many] - Improved Kubernetes support for Rancher by adding the following:
  • Support for Internationalization framework for UI [#1268] - The UI framework for language support is now available. Please refer to to understand how to add additional languages or to help contribute different languages to Rancher UI.
  • Experimental: Vault Integration - Vault has now been added to the Rancher catalog as an option for secrets management.

Known Major Issues

  • Adding hosts through DockerMachine does not work when Rancher is configured in HA [#4404] - Current workaround is to add hosts via the installing the Rancher agent directly on the host from the docker command generated from “Custom” hosts.
  • Advanced routing rules for load balancers are not showing up correctly in the UI [#4914]
  • Kubernetes catalog header might have stayed hidden if you didn’t remain on the waiting page after the system stack is active [#4877]
  • If there were a large amount of containers, they would not show up on the host view during container event changes [#4928]

Major Bug Fixes since v1.1.0-dev1

  • Fixed an issue where changing your password using local auth does not work [#4845]
  • Fixed an issue where side kick containers for a Service enabled with “start_once” are shown in a Degraded state. [#4833]
  • VM support is now enabled per environment rather than being a global setting. Note: Any VMs that were previously created will no longer be editable due to the change. [#4790]
  • Fixed an issue where the machine drivers were being incorrectly loaded [#4563]
  • Fixed an issue where the health check process were being initiated once per hour [#4554]
  • Turned off mysql logging when using Rancher’s local mysql DB which was adversely affecting performance [#4556]
  • Improved support for running Rancher in HA in ELB+AWS [Many]
  • Fixed an issue where AgentRemovedExceptions were continuing to be generated [#4682]
  • Rancher will not add a forward rule when publishing ports on host [#4323]
  • __rancher-compose:__Fixed an issue where the rancher-compose CLI will not properly create services with named volumes [#4786]
  • kubernetes: Updated kubectl to 1.2 in Rancher’s kubectl shell [#4381]

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