Rancher Release - v1.1.0

Rancher Release v1.1.0


New Features (since v1.1.0-dev5)

  • Docker 1.11.x Support [#4491] - Rancher now supports Docker 1.11.x.
  • Microsoft Azure AD Support [#4918] - Rancher now supports Azure AD as an authentication provider.
  • Kubernetes: SSL Support (self-signed) [#4451, #4452] - K8s on Rancher now supports self signed certs when enabling SSL. Features like Heapster and Dashboard should now work along with other K8s like Deis.

New Features (since v1.0.2)

  • Machine Catalog [#4919, #4856] - Rancher now supports the ability for admins to control which DockerMachine drivers are available for machine deployments. Drivers can now be directly added individually to Rancher or submitted to the public catalog repo where it can be made available to all Rancher deployments for install and use.
  • Custom UI for Machine Drivers [#4589] - In addition to being able to add your own Docker Machine drivers into Rancher, this feature will allow users to also add their own custom UI elements for the driver. Please see https://github.com/rancher/ui-driver-skel for more details.
  • Kubernetes: Persistent Storage [#4444] - K8s on Rancher now supports persistent storage for EBS and GCE.
  • Kubernetes: Private Registry [#4529] - K8s on Rancher now supports private registries.
  • Kubernetes: Upgrade [#4896] - K8s on Rancher now supports the ability to upgrade k8s on each environment. Only new environments created after this release is capable of supporting future upgrades.
    Important: Kubernetes environments created before v1.1.0 will need to be switched to a different orchestration, saved and switched back to Kubernetes to start supporting upgrades.
  • Kubernetes: More ingress controller improvements [#4892] - K8s ingress controller on Rancher now has support for custom ports, TLS, and ability to scale.
  • Support for Internationalization framework for UI [#1268] - The UI framework for language support is now available. Please refer to https://github.com/rancher/ui to understand how to add additional languages or to help contribute different languages to Rancher UI.
  • Mesos Support [#4578] - Rancher now supports Mesos as a container orchestration framework when creating environments as an alternative to Cattle, Kubernetes, or Swarm. Once enabled, all hosts that are added into Rancher will automatically be added to the Mesos cluster.
    • Important: Mesos will require 3 hosts in order for HA mode to work correctly.
  • Support for External Load Balancers (F5 initial release) [#4445] - Very similar to the External DNS Service provider currently in Rancher catalog, users will now be able to add external load balancers to Rancher where they will be automatically programmed as services and containers publish ports to hosts. The initial release supports F5 as the external load balancer.
  • Experimental: Vault Integration - Vault has now been added to the Rancher catalog as an option for secrets management.

Known Major Issues

  • RHEL7/CentOS 7 hosts running Docker 1.11.2 do not have container stats working [#5253]

Major Bug Fixes since v1.1.0-dev5

  • Fixed an issue where a service upgrade can be stuck upgrading forever [#4240]

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