Dev Build: Rancher Release - v1.1.0-dev5

Release v1.1.0-dev5


New Features (since v1.1.0-dev4)

  • Docker 1.11.x Support [#4491] - Rancher now supports Docker 1.11.x.
  • Microsoft Azure AD Support [#4918] - Rancher now supports Azure AD as an authentication provider.
  • Kubernetes: HA Support through etcd-cluster [#4499] - K8s on Rancher is now highly available through enabling etcd in a cluster mode.
    Important: In a Kubernetes environment, the amount of RAM needed on any single host will need to be 6 GB. [#5193]
  • Kubernetes: SSL Support (self-signed) [#4451, #4452] - K8s on Rancher now supports self signed certs when enabling SSL. Features like Heapster and Dashboard should now work along with other K8s like Deis.

Major Bug Fixes since v1.1.0-dev4

  • Many, many UI Fixes
  • Fixed AWS so that you can now select regions outside of the US [#5114]
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a host would result in Rancher attempting to purge volumes forever [#5047]
  • Fixed an issue where creating a service with an affinity to itself would fail [#5032]
  • Fixed an issue where memswap_limit is not exported properly in Rancher [#5001]
  • Fixed an issue where pid is not exported properly in Rancher [#4890]
  • Fixed an issue where swapping environments out of k8s would result in services created in k8s to not be cleaned up [#4876]
  • Changed cadvisor to not longer be staticly compiled [#4848]
  • Fixed an issue where self-signed certs in Rancher HA mode would cause adding hosts to fail [#4404]

Known Major Issues

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