Diagnosing Swarm Issues

Looking for help diagnosing a docker swarm issue.

I created a swam environment and adjusted my aws security group to allow 2377 and 2378 as discussed here:


But the environment gets stuck on “Starting Services” and this is what the stack looks like in the UI:

I have 4 attached hosts, all other stacks are healthy and as far as I can tell Rancher master isn’t even attempting to start the swarm specific containers on my hosts.

  • Where can I find rancher master logs that would help me diagnose why the containers aren’t being started?
  • Are there additional networking requirements I’m unaware of? Does rancher master require access to certain ports on the hosts?

Hold on this. I just checked my docker version and it’s not correct. I am still interested in the location of rancher master log files if anyone can help.

Ok, so the issue is definitely that rancherOS latest has Docker 1.12.6, but swarm requires 1.13.1.

Used this guide to get things setup correctly: