Disk Management and Recovery

I am new to Linux especially Suse Linux. I installed Suse Linux 12.2 on a computer. I am a Windows and Apple guy. So, be gentle with me. I have two questions regarding Disk Management and Recovery software. Keep in mind, I am a GUI interface guy. I am not a command line, DOS like person. I like the look and feel of icons and using the mouse.

  1. Disk Management, I am looking for a GUI interface disk manager similar to what you would find on a Windows computer. Any suggestions on a Disk Manager? I want to create, delete, and resize partitions.

  2. Recovery Software, I need a good recovery software or tool to recover files and documents from a second hard drive. Again, it has to have a GUI interface. In the Windows world, we have all kinds of Recovery software at our disposal. In the Linux world, is there really good recovery software?



Unfortunately you have posted your query in the wrong forum, this is
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