Dns rfc2136 to bind is working now how to use a name template

my rancher 2.3 now writes dns entries into my debian bind9.
Next problem now:
My rancher 1.6 dns ist using a template
NAME_TEMPLATE %{{service_name}}.%{{stack_name}}.%{{environment_name}}

How can I use a template in ther rancher 2.3 environment?

Here my wotking config (key is an example)


provider: “rfc2136”
host: “192.168.a.b”
insecure: “true”
port: “53”
tsigAxfr: “true”
tsigKeyname: “rndc-key”
tsigSecret: “Xtk5vvLGaeNM0/mIluY29w==”
tsigSecretAlg: “hmac-md5”
zone: “docker.dummy.local”

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Hi @rprengel We’d like to use RFC2136 as well. If you find a solution, please post it here. I’ll post a solution if I figure this out.

everything is working perfect for us using rancher 1.6 but using 2.3 is very frustrating in the moment with rfc2136.
But to say it clear:
Rancher is a great tool and a big help.

And are you also using rfc2136 with an on-prem LB, like MetalLB? or are you using rfc2136 directly with the Nginx Ingresses instead?