Rancher Release - v1.0.0

Release v1.0.0

Today we are very happy to announce that Rancher has finally reached 1.0 GA and is really the culmination of over a year and a half of work that was done in conjunction with our open source user and developer community. With your help in providing critical product feedback, great suggestions for enhancements, and ideas for improving the user experience, we were able to finally reach the quality and feature completeness necessary for us to ship this release. We can’t thank you enough and are looking forward to working with each and every one of you as we continue improve and shape Rancher into the best container management platform.

Please visit Sheng’s blog and Rancher’s website to learn more about Rancher’s features, what it was designed to solve, and how it can be used in practice in managing your containers.


New Features (since v0.63.1)

  • Swarm Support [#2862] - Rancher now supports Swarm as a cluster management framework when creating environments as an alternative to Cattle or Kubernetes. Once enabled, all hosts that are added into Rancher will automatically be added to the swarm cluster. Other features include:
    • The ability for users to manage access rights through Rancher environments.
    • A rich User Interface that allows CRUD operations on Projects, Services, and Containers.
    • UI support for container exec and logs.
    • UI support for web console access to your own Docker and Docker Compose command line interface.
    • Integration with Rancher catalog so that Docker YML templates can now be managed and launched from a common repository.
    • Automatic generation of TLS certs that can be given to users to directly connect via Docker to their new Swarm cluster.
    • Launching your own Swarm environment is as easy as a single click.
  • Host IP port binding [[#53(https://github.com/rancher/rancher/issues/53)]] - The oldest feature to be addressed since Rancher was created! Rancher will now support the ability to specify the host IP when publishing ports for a service or container. Note: This is only supported for scale of 1 container and you must schedule the service onto the host that you want to bind the IP to.
  • Allow users to specify IP used for External DNS programming [#3201] - Users can now specify a io.rancher.host.external_dns_ip=a.b.c.d label when adding hosts to specify the IP that is used to program any external DNS services such as AWS Route53, CloudFlare, DNSimple, PointHQ, etc.

Known Major Issues

  • We are addressing a few last minute issues/enhancements that we could not add into the 1.0.0 release. See Milestone 1.0.1.

Major Bug Fixes since v0.63.1

  • We have addressed over 600 issues spanning across core, user interface, and performance/scale over the past 2-3 months as we were preparing for our 1.0 GA release. Again, thanks everyone for helping us find these issues and also contributing in some of the fixes. Please look into our Milestone 1.0 for a comprehensive list of issues that were resolved.

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