Swarm Mode support


the new Swarm Mode of Docker 1.12 looks pretty amazing. I wonder if Rancher will support the new Swarm Mode in addition to the old Docker Swarm?

If yes: In which release may this feature be available?

Yes, we will be supporting the new swarm mode.


It is currently targeted for our next pre-release of v1.2.0.


We are also looking at the new swarm mode with interest. Especially the new network stuff and the ability to set up proxy and HA environments that make use of the native docker meshed network.

One of the interesting products here is : https://github.com/vfarcic/docker-flow-proxy

Does anyone know if you can use this with a rancher setup - and do we have to be using swam instead of cattle for orchestration?

The other important question is then what the advantages of using cattle over swarm will be when Rancher supports Docker 11.2?

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