Docker Hub auto-login


I have few docker images residing in private repositories of Docker Hub. How can I force Rancher OS docker to auto-login to my Docker Hub account while booting via iPXE / cloud config? What is the best practice to do this?

Please help, thanks.


I will reply to myself. I am just generating /home/rancher/.docker/config.json in cloud config:


  • path: /home/rancher/.docker/config.json
    permissions: "0660"
    encoding: b64
    content: …`

Unfortunately this trick does not apply when I want to use private images to bootstrap services.

Nothing works (tried to put this file to /.docker/config.json, /home/docker/.docker/config.json, /root/.docker/config.json, nothing works.

I am desperate. This stuff is unusable.

I haven’t tried it myself, but have you looked at this documentation? It’s how to add in certificates for private registries, but not sure how it would work for dockerhub…


that would work if Docker Hub supported certificates. But I have to login using the docker login command and my username/password to access my private repositories. This information is then stored in ~/.docker/config.json, co creating this file is equivalent to using the command. But this does not seem to work when launching services from cloud-config.