Docker loophole restart because of no tls key


So I was investigating a problem of docker permission and why even in root I couldn’t reach the docker socket.
I discover in the logs that
time="2017-11-22T17:23:13.591442492Z" level=warning msg="Could not get operating system name: Error opening /usr/lib/os-release: open /usr/lib/os-release: no such file or directory"
in 'system-docker.log’
so since in ‘system-docker ps’ there seems to be a loophole of the docker container I’ve looked into 'docker.log'
And I’ve seen this :'Could not load X509 key pair (cert: "/etc/docker/tls/server-cert.pem", key: "/etc/docker/tls/server-key.pem"): open /etc/docker/tls/server-cert.pem: no such file or directory'

and so apparently there is no files in /etc/docker/tls
So why is that? and most importantly do I need to reinstall completely rancher? Or maybe should I just reinstall docker? but how do I do that ? Is it because docker have been upgrading on its own?

Anyway I didn’t alter by myself the file sturcture… The OS is installed in a kvm-qemu vm.
So what should I do ?

The docs state that the keys need to be created (or provided):

I was assuming that we were talking about auto-generated keys for docker installation and not customs one.
sorry for that. And thanks for the doc link.