External DNS using Kubernetes service name instead of Rancher service name

I’m trying to use the Route53 external DNS service to create records for services based on the service name. I’m wondering if there’s a way I can get it to use the kubernetes raw servicename instead of the one in rancher which has other stuff prepended.


My service name in kubernetes is x-y-z-1
In Rancher, this gets turned into default-rancherlb-x-y-z-1

Therefore, even using a DNS Name Template of “%{{service_name}}”, my URL ends up being default-rancherlb-x-y-z-1.domain.com

I… don’t really want that. It’s pretty ugly. Is there a way within Rancher to achieve this, or am I going to need to set up some kind of Lambda schedule etc to poll and do it myself?


I am having exactly the same issue. Can someone shed some light?