Does SLED have a "try before you buy" option ?

I am taking a look at various distros and so far, they have all let me run from the DVD.
I wanted to get a look at it before installing alongside windows 7.
I can’t figure out how to do it so maybe it is not available.
Is there another distr that does provide this feature and would also look and feel pretty much the same ?


Not really, you could create a bootable iso image at and run that.

What desktop were you looking at using?

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malcolmlewis wrote:

Not really, you could create a bootable iso image at and run that.[/color]

Or alternatively use virtualisation software to install and run a virtual
machine on top of Windows.

There are (at least) a couple of free virtualisation packages available
that will handle SLED - VMware Player and VirtualBox.


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You could also fire up a SUSE Studio VM and just run it over the web in
about ten minutes from the start time, all for free. The Test Drive
feature only gives you (last time I checked) an hour, but SLED is
basically an enterprise version of openSUSE (see similar thread there) and
after building the SLED image to your specs (including just the defaults)
you could probably then save it to a LiveCD and download, effectively
giving you the same LiveCD experience with SLED (or anything else in SUSE
Studio) as you have with openSUSE by default.

If you have a box you can always install and not buy… purchasing is
required for continued updates, not to download and try right now.

Good luck.