Does SUSE Manager 2.1 client supports SLES 12 already?

Hi everyone,

I am working on SLES 12 patching topic and want to give SUSE Manager a try. But I don’t see how the client is installed in the documentation ( ) for SLES 12.

Has anyone successfully have it up and running?

BTW, we are currently using Spacewalk for SLES 11 Sp3 for patch management. It cost me a whole day to transplant the Spacewalk client onto SLES 12 with some dirty hacks which I don’t really like.

I would also very much appreciate stories about SLES 12 and Spacewalk.


Hi Enzo,

we’re using SuMa to patch i.e. our SUSE Cloud compute nodes, which are SLES12.

Whenever we need to integrate a new node, we use the approach, ssh’ing from the SUMA machine. Works nicely so far.

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I have SLES and SLED 11 SP3 and 12 machines using SUSE Manager, I use
curl from the machine being registered;

curl -Sks https://<SUSE_manager>/pub/bootstrap/ | /bin/bash

No issues deploying patches from SUSE Manager to machines. Select,
confirm and they are pushed out along with a confirmation email at the
end of the day for jobs completed.

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Thank you guys, it works!