Downloading NetIQ/Microfocus Images with wget


As noted in thread there was a way to use wget to download NetIQ/Microfocus images from their web site. Unfortunately those venues no longer seem to work. Essentially getting through their site with creds programatically no longer seem to work.

Since the purpose of my SUSE Studio Image is to be lean, I’d prefer not to include a 4gb ISO and download this on first boot via custom menu I’m developing. Does anyone have any experience getting this to work?

Thanks in advance!2

Could you provide more details on what, exactly, you are trying to (w)get
currently? Have you tried curl? I use curl all of the time to get files
from NetIQ. It’s been a while since I tried with SUSE Studio, but if you
want to share how you are getting to a specific URI I’ll see if I can
duplicate it.

Good luck.

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