Edit autoinstallation profile via command line

Hi all,

I’m trying to tune my script for the creation of autoinstallation profiles. It works good as far as I’m using a template profile which I could clone.
I’m adding variables to the cloned profile with spacecmd kickstart_updatevariable and kernel options with cobbler profile edit.
But how can I edit the content on the details page?

I’m currently using the following script in the template:

[CODE]<?xml version="1.0"?>

$SNIPPET('spacewalk/autoyast/sles12sp3/main.xml') $SNIPPET('spacewalk/autoyast/sles12sp3/addon.xml') $SNIPPET('spacewalk/autoyast/sles12sp3/partition_main.xml') $SNIPPET('spacewalk/autoyast/sles12sp3/software.xml') $SNIPPET('spacewalk/autoyast/sles12sp3/scripts.xml') [/CODE]

In the cloned profile I want to add the hostname as a subfolder to customize the partitioning or additional scripts for example.
As I’m not familar with the API, I don’t know if there is a way to do it on that way…

Maybe someone could help me.

Thanks in advance!

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Matthias, looks like noone on this forum can answer your question. Please open a support request and ask for an “l3 question” to get engineering attention.

Hey kwk,

I’ll do that. Thanks for your reply.

Best regards