Kubernetes Experimental Features

Hi guys,

I’ve looked around and can’t seem to find a solid answer.

There’s an alpha feature in 1.20 that allows the ability to set a loadbalancer with mixed protocols, but for me to enable it there looks to be some changes needed.

Can anyone point me in the direction that will allow me to set the flag “MixedProtocolLBService” via Rancher?

I’m basically using the latest rancher with a custom cluster running on Raspberry Pi’s which I think deployed RKE 1.20.4

I saw this documentation from rancher, and that looks to be experimental features however I’m not sure how I add a “new feature” to this list, the documentation suggests that it’s not possible to edit outside of the pre-created ones.

Any clues or points on the right direction?

And If the experimental features are the right areas, does anyone know when this new feature might make its way to be available to edit?

Thanks in advance


Anyone have any ideas about this?

The experimental features thing you’re looking at is for Rancher itself, not the k8s clusters it is managing.

MixedProtocolLBService is a k8s Feature Gate which you enable in an RKE cluster by passing the gates you want on as an extra_args entry.