Enabling NTFS support on boot

Hey all,

I’m new to RancherOS and containerized OSes in general and am trying to set up a home media server, moving from a previous Ubuntu Server setup. One of the main requirements I have is getting PLEX up and running and as part of this need NTFS support for a few media drives I have on hand.

I’ve done several days of digging but haven’t been able to figure out the right order of execution to get it working. I see the question has been asked previously (How to mount a ntfs disk (read-only is ok)) but haven’t found a good outline for what needs to happen.

It’s well documented on how to get PLEX up and running in docker so I have that piece down, it’s just getting ntfs-3g set up as a service that keeps stumping me. Any advice? I’ve crawled the guides and found a few good examples (http://rancher.com/docs/os/v1.1/en/system-services/custom-system-services/) but am not sure where to begin with such a core system component (and one I’ve always solved simply with “apt-get” ;-))