How to debug NFS issues?

I think I pretty much established RancherOS is the worst thing that could have happened to my containers, but maybe I’m missing something. Some hidden documentation about it? Some troubleshooting guide?

Nowhere I could find how I’m supposed to use the cryptic rancher os service volume-nfs.

Now I think I know what that thing is supposed to do, it’s supposed to give you the nfs stack needed to mount NFS volumes, for rancher-nfs for example, but it’s just not working.

I’m not even asking how to solve NFS issues, the whole thing is just too darned twisted. Half the time it says the mount volume failed with error 500, or it says the directory already exists, and if I’m lucky, sometimes, it just works, no idea why…

Thanks for your help

I’m in totally the same place here; I can see how to enable and run the volume-nfs service but I can’t see how to actually use it.
I’ve looked at the current and historical RancherOS docs, the os-services repository, the storage docs, and looking around on GitHub and I just can’t see where to get started with using the volume-nfs service.

Is there some documentation that I’m missing?

My understanding is volume-nfs provides the capabilities to RancherOS to run NFS services, then you run “Rancher NFS” from rancher itself (in the catalog). That’s the thory but I had many issues making RancherOS able to use NFS client services