Evolution 3.22. EWS

I use an external Exchange server WIN Exchange 2010. Since SP3 I have trouble.

I can read the company Office 365 mail.
I can fetch dates from Evolution → up to Exchange Server.
I can’t get all dates from Exchange sever → to Evolution. This since 3.20 and now for 3.22 as well.
The data I can read might be different on my SLES or SLED machine, kind of randomly reading. Not a system.
After reinstall account it went totally wrong. No data read for a time.

I can read the data complete in iPhone
I can see the data proper on Web-Exchange
I can use Thunderbird and it works fine (there are other issues, more manual work, - Evolution is simply better)

I can see I’m not the only one. But a working calendar is my life line!.
What can be done.


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